Viewing Details, Adding and Editing Journal Entries

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From the Journal entry list, use "View the selected entry details" (or simply double-click the entry in the list) to open a window with full details of an entry, for instance if it's too long to fully view in the list.  This also shows the operator who made it.  You can also edit an entry from this window if you have sufficient permissions.


To Add a new entry (assuming a sufficient access level), click "Add a new Journal Entry" from the Journal list.  A blank entry will be created, where you can enter any length of note you like.


You can also add any number of custom User fields, just like you can for Sites, Customers, etc.  In order to add the fields to this Edit Journal Entry dialog, you need to use Dialog Definitions in the Advanced Customizations, creating an Add-on dialog definition for the Edit Journal Entry dialog.


This dialog also has a Print button, which can print either a simple list of fields (the Journal Entry record in grid format), or a form created for Journal Entries.  There are no standard forms defined for Journal Entries, but you can create your own through Advanced Customizations / Forms.  You would create a Form with the "Other" Form Type, and choose "Journal Entries" for the Base Table.  (There is also a sample one you can import to get started, called "Sample Forms - Journal Entry".)  Once created, it will be available to select in the forms list when Print is used (any number of different Forms can be created).





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