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Many parks need to use non-synchronized linking for some groups, at least by the time they check in, so that each group member pays their own bill and/or so each group member has separate Customer information.  Ideally you want to make them non-synchronized to start with to avoid having to change them later.  While this isn't technically difficult, it does require that you use the correct procedure.


If you're adding sites one-by-one when making the reservation, you must uncheck "Synchronize With:" before each site is added.  Some have asked that we keep this unchecked, but there's a subtle but important reason why it's re-checked after each site is added which would probably make this cause more problems than it solves.


Here's another way to do it when adding many sites at once, which may be quicker for some:


First you need to go to Maintenance / Program Options / Reservations, and check "Enable automatic multiple-site selection...".  This is normally used to let the program automatically select a specified number of sites based on the preferences selected (which may also be useful at times), but this also allows overriding the way multiple sites are linked when the Add Selection(s) button is used.


Now in the New Reservation dialog, a "Qty" field will appear before the Add Selection(s) button.  To add multiple sites as non-synchronized, first put a "#" character in the Qty field.  (You may recall that this is the shorthand identifier for non-synced sites when a list of sites is shown.)   Also make sure "Synchronize with" is not checked if you added any sites previously.


Now select (but don't double-click) multiple sites using the grid -- e.g. click-drag or Ctrl-click the sites (clicking the cell under the arrival date), so each one is highlighted in dark blue.  Presumably you've also already selected the appropriate date range, reservation type and other specifics for the reservation.  Now click "Add Selection(s)", and all selected sites will be added as non-synchronized.  You can repeat this to add more sites (even for different date ranges), but remember to uncheck "Synchronize with" each time you add a group of sites.


To verify that they were added correctly, click on the "Sites added" list to drop it down.  Each site except for the first one should have a "#" character in front of it.  If you see a "=" character, then it was synchronized and you need to delete that one and re-add it (select that site so it appears next to "Sites added", then click the "Delete" button).


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