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This special function appears in Sites Setup and on the Raw Data Table dialog for Sites.  It allows quick addition of sites or cloning of a site when setting up the database.


If you want to insert sites into a specific location in the table, first select the site that you want the new ones to appear after, before entering this function.  (Note that this means you can't insert them at the very beginning -- but that's easily rectified using the Move function afterwards.)


If you're just getting started, it's best to have one "template" site already set up, for instance through Sites Setup.  Then you can use this function to clone the site as many times as needed, incrementing the numbers for each site.


Now you can enter the number of sites (or duplicates) to create, prefixes for the site abbreviation, name, and description, and a starting number.  Note that the number will always be included in the abbreviation and name, but is optional for the description.  Prefixes are optional, and don't forget to type a space character if you want a space before the number, like "Slip 1".


If you want your numbers to be 0-padded, like RV001 to RV999, then you will have to do it in multiple steps, including the 0's in the prefix.  For instance, create 9 sites with a prefix of "RV00", then 90 sites with a prefix of "RV0", then the rest with a prefix of just "RV".  However, since the software doesn't really care how long the site name is, there is not much need to 0-pad the names (unless it's needed for importing reservations from an old database).


Finally, there are the options to duplicate the selected site, and whether to insert the sites or add them to the end.


When all options are selected, click the Go! button. In a few seconds, all of the new sites will be shown.  Note that there is no undo function, but it's easy to delete the sites and try again if you make a mistake.


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