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The Arrivals view shows all reservations with the First Night in the selected range (defaulting to today, but this is easily changed with the controls).  This view is handy for seeing who is due to arrive today.  When a camper arrives you can quickly go to this list, verify that they have a reservation, and check them in directly from the list (using the right-click menu).  Toward the end of the day, you can refer to this list to see who has not arrived, or perhaps who has arrived but did not get checked into the system.  You'll notice that the Name column (the customer's last name) will be color-coded according to the reservation status just like the Rack view.  This gives an instant indication of their status at a glance, so you can see which reservations have been checked in.


Note: The Options allow you to select Yesterday and Today besides just the Yes/Today button for quick date selection.  The initial dates shown on this tab default to Yes/Today if that's enabled, else Today if that's enabled, else Yesterday if that's enabled (if none of them are enabled, defaults back to Yes/Today).


There's a special control at the top, Pending Only, which when selected will limit the list to those who have not yet checked in (Owner-type reservations will also be excluded, since they don't indicate an actual arrival on their start date).  This is handy if you have a large number of arrivals for the day, so the list will shrink as you check people in.  You could also use this option to create a no-show list of people you need to call at the end of the day for a status update.  Note that Day passes will not be shown as pending since they are assumed to be checked in automatically.


There is an option (under the Options button) to include empty sites when sorting by Site.  This provides better visual feedback for "empty" sites and is especially useful for walk-around checking, but also makes the report longer.


Note that reservations on the Waiting List can also appear on this report (if this option is set under the Options button). These will be highlighted with * Waiting * in front of the customer name.  


You will also see reservations with unassigned sites on this report, which will show "(No Site)" in the Site column.


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