Attaching iCal files to E-mail confirmations

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iCal files can be automatically attached to each E-mail confirmation you send out (or only certain E-mail confirmation forms, as desired).  If the recipient uses a compatible E-mail service with a calendar app (e.g. GMail), they will be able to add the reservation to their calendar with a couple clicks (or in some cases it may be added automatically).


Of course this assumes you also have Campground Master configured for sending E-mail confirmations.  See that section for details if necessary.


WARNING -- Attaching an iCal file to the E-mail will sometimes result in the recipient ONLY seeing an "Event card" from the iCal file and not the rest of the E-mail text.  This depends on the E-mail reader they're using, and sometimes the contents on the iCal file.  Use this with caution, and perhaps as a completely separate E-mail from the normal confirmation.



Setting Up for Attaching iCal files to E-mail


There are only two things required for this functionality:


Create an iCal Profile with the Profile Type "Attach iCal File to Confirmation E-mail".


Select the "Attach iCal file" option in the Form Definition of any "E-mail" type Form you want to have the file attached to (for instance, you probably don't want it attached to E-mail Invoices, etc that may be sent to Monthly residents).


To create the Profile for this functionality, only a few simple steps are needed:


1.Go to Maintenance / Online Reservations / Other Online Interfaces / iCal Profiles.

2.Click "Add profile".

3.Enter a Description (whatever you like).

4.Select the Profile Type ("Attach iCal File to Confirmation E-mail")

5.Make sure "Enabled" is checked.

6.Click the "Use Default" button for each of the Expressions (file name, UID, SUMMARY, LOCATION, and DESCRIPTION).

7.Click OK.


Optionally you could have multiple profiles (for different Site Types or dates, for instance), however that would be an advanced and probably unusual situation and is not necessary for basic operation.  Refer to the other sections on Profiles for details.


To select the "Attach iCal file" option for the desired E-mail forms:


1.Go to Maintenance / Advanced Customizations / Forms.

2.Select a Form with the "E-mail" Form Type that you want to attach iCal files to, and click Edit form definition.

3.Check the box "Attach iCal file" (in the upper left).

4.Click Save.

5.Repeat steps 2-5 for each form desired, then Close.



Nothing further is needed -- now the iCal file will be created and attached to each E-mail confirmation (or other E-mail Forms selected) automatically.  You can also attach any other files as usual.


A couple notes for Linked reservations:


For Non-synchronized reservations, they will be handled separately just as all transactions and receipts would be.  While the E-mail itself may list the linked reservations, iCal files for non-synchronized reservations will not be included -- you would need to go into New/Edit Transactions for each linked reservation and Send E-mail Form to send separate confirmations for each one.


For Sub-member and Synchronized reservations, it will attach an iCal file for each one (so the E-mail will have multiple iCal attachments).  This is necessary because the guest's calendar may not recognize multiple entries in one iCal file. When they receive the E-mail, they may need to add each one to their calendar (depending on their E-mail/calendar software).



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