Coloring empty sites for holidays and site type

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DISCLAIMER: This article involves Advanced Customizations, which can be technically challenging to get working and is not part of standard support.  This is programming and must be done precisely or the results can be unpredictable.  This information is provided as a service for those who have the technical skills to work through it -- we cannot help you solve any issues with getting it working.  For more information about Advanced Customizations, see the full documentation:




A previous article covered how to color-code the date column headings and also the empty sites for special dates like holidays.  That article used a sample custom color scheme that you can import and modify.  The article can be reviewed here:


Note:  Old versions of the sample file used in the example above had a couple mistakes.  The "Default scheme" selection should be "Open Sites (Rack)" rather than "Reservations".  Also, the rules in the sample did not check for the "unavailable" status, which is shown below.


Now if you want to also use different colors for different site types, that's quite simple to do.


Starting with the example above, the expression for a rule for a simple holiday weekend color might be:


ColorStatusSite(ThisSite(), ThisDate(), ThisPeriod()) != 9 AND (ThisDate() = {7/2/2010} OR ThisDate() = {7/3/2010} OR ThisDate() = {7/4/2010})


Note that the ColorStatusSite( ) check is to make sure we don't include "Unavailable" sites in the new color rule.


Now if you want to only change the color for a certain Site Types, just add a site type check in front:


Site:Attrib_Site_Type = "Room" AND ColorStatusSite(ThisSite(), ThisDate(), ThisPeriod()) != 9 AND (ThisDate() = {7/2/2010} OR ThisDate() = {7/3/2010} OR ThisDate() = {7/4/2010})


Those are the basics.  See the article mentioned above for more details, and remember to select your new color scheme for "Override empty Sites..."  under Advanced Customizations / Select Global Color Schemes.



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