Deposit and A/R Balances

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Campground Master keeps a running balance of unused deposits (advance payments toward reservations) and accounts receivable (charges not yet paid).  If your account methods include tracking either or both of these, Campground Master can keep track of them for you, or at least help verify that things are in balance if you track these separately.


Deposit and Accounts Receivable tracking and adjustments are discussed further in the Working with Transactions section, and making adjustments is discussed in the Maintenance Functions section.  What you need to know when setting up your database is that you can enter a "starting balance" for either of these, so that the running totals match your previous figures. This is entered as an adjustment, and should be done before entering live transactions so it's recorded in front of other transactions.  Deposit and A/R Balance reports can be found in the Transactions tab view report (Summary Transaction Reports).


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