Different versions of Confirmation E-mail

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(From Newsletter #48, Feb 2, 2020)

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DISCLAIMER: This article involves Advanced Customizations, which can be technically challenging to get working and is not part of standard support.  This is programming and must be done precisely or the results can be unpredictable.  This information is provided as a service for those who have the technical skills to work through it -- we cannot help you solve any issues with getting it working.  For more information about Advanced Customizations, see the full documentation:





Q. How can I create different versions of the confirmation E-mail, with different text, without changing the "E-mail confirmation text" setting each time?  I've looked at the Forms but there doesn't seem to be a way to change them.


A. In order to make changes to a form or make additional copies, you need to import a "custom" version of the form that actually has elements (the default forms are "canned" versions with no elements to edit).  See the documentation for this here:




The samples normally pull the confirmation text from the setting you mentioned, but you can change that.  Look for the Data Expression element with SettingText( "Main", "EConfirmation").  Replace that with a Text element for the text you want instead of the standard setting -- just Edit the element, change the Element Type to "Text", and then Edit Text to replace the expression with the actual text you want.



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