Do you have online backup?

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Q:  Do you have an online backup function to save the database in the cloud?


A:  We don't provide our own online backup.  If you want this ability, we recommend using an online backup of your choice (e.g. DropBox), and making a backup daily (from the Backup function in the program) into a folder that's automatically backed up online.  If your online backup service allows you to select a folder for automatically back up or mirror online, we strongly advise against setting it to mirror or back up the Campground Master data folder directly, as this data changes too often and can result in file sharing problems, not to mention significant bandwidth use.  Also, if using a file sharing service like DropBox which has its own folder that's mirrored online, do not make that the default database location for Campground Master.  In addition to the problems mentioned above, this can cause significant database corruption if someone else accesses the DropBox folder from another computer.


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