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The Edit Menu Definition dialog is shown when adding or editing Menus from Menus Setup.  


Here you can view and edit all of the Items in a Menu Definition.  There are a few fields you edit directly here, and the rest of the dialog lists the Menu Items.



Menu Definition Name


The name should be descriptive enough for identifying the Menu in Menus Setup, but that's generally the only place it's used.  Each Menu Definition must have a unique name (which is not case-sensitive).





The Menu Definition can be disabled by unchecking this box, so that it does not get processed.  Note that if it's disabled, it doesn't just mean that the items added to the menu are disabled (greyed out) -- it means that the Menu Items in the definition won't be processed.  Therefore it won't modify the base menu at all, as if the definition is not even there.



Modify Base Menu


Each Menu Definition is simply a list of things to do to an existing menu, so you need to select which menu it will modify from this list.


Main menu definitions can modify the top level menu (the menu bar across the top) or any one of the drop-down menus from there.  Note that only the direct (first-level) drop-down menus can be selected, so any additions to the menu can only be made to that level.  Of course you can add your own sub-menu at that level, and the sub-menu can contain any number of levels beneath it.  However you can't add an item directly inside the Printer Setup under the File menu, for instance.


Note that while you can't add new selections (e.g. Actions or Sub-menus) at lower levels, it's still possible to modify existing selections at any level in the menus.  For Remove or Rename item types you can choose the menu selection (ID) at any level below the base menu.  So for instance you could completely remove all Printer Setup selections for non-administrator users.


Most right-click menus can also be selected as the Base Menu to be modified.  Some right-click menus are specific to a particular view (e.g. for the Rack or Map) because the conditions there are unique, while the other views and situations are more general -- those base menu selections will affect the menu on any of the other tab views.  For instance the same "Transactions" right-click menu is used for any view where a Transaction is selected, e.g. in the Transaction tab view and any user-defined Query based on Transactions.



Context for Expressions


Any right-click menu will have some context information available for the expressions in its Menu Items.  Naturally the information available depends on which menu is the selected as the base, and in some cases the record selected when right-clicking will determine the context available.  


For instance in a Transactions menu, ThisTran( ) will always be available, plus there might be ThisCust( ) and ThisResv( ) context info if the transaction is for a customer or reservation.  A Customer menu will only have ThisCust( ) available, and the right-click for queries of "Other record types" will just have the generic ThisRecord( ).


On the Rack, ThisDate( ) will be available for the cell clicked (and ThisPeriod( ), if applicable, when viewing Scheduled reservations).  


The Cross table Query menu will have a list of records "included" in the clicked cell (e.g. used for the calculation in that cell), so ThisRecList( ) and ThisRecCount( ) are available to access those.  For List Queries and list-type tab views (Arrivals, Transactions, etc.), ThisRecList( ) and ThisRecCount( ) will reference all records being shown in the view (e.g. all reservations in Arrivals, all transactions in the Transactions tab, etc.).  For a menu on the Map view, this list will be a list of the reservations in the site clicked on, for the date range shown.  There is no context list available for menus on the Rack tab view.


The context functions ThisFromDate( ) and ThisToDate( ) can be used to get the From and To dates selected in the tab view or query report.




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