FTP issues with Windows upgrades

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If you use the "Export to web vacancy grid" function to upload pages to your web site, then you may have had an issue with this suddenly not working.  This can happen when Windows does an upgrade, or if you upgrade to Windows 8.  We've had a few reports that FTP stops working (for many programs) if Internet Explorer (MSIE) 11 is installed (this is part of the Windows automatic updates, for instance).  One solution is to Uninstall MSIE 11 and go back to MSIE 10.  We have also heard that there's a newer MSIE update that fixes the issue, so also make sure that you've done all Windows updates.  


Windows 8 apparently comes with MSIE 11, and it can't be removed or reverted to MSIE 10.  However getting up to date with the Windows updates should fix it.


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