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Setting up general discounts by opening the Setup General Item Discounts dialog (Maintenance / P.O.S Inventory Setup / General Item Discounts).  This will list any general discounts already defined (if there are any).  From here you will add or edit discounts and move discounts in the list as needed.  Moving rates in the list is important because the order that they appear here will be the same order they appear when they are selected when entering transactions.  Therefore you may want to put them in a logical order, or at least put the most-used rates at the top.  The order is also very important if automatic rates calculation is used.


The basic procedure for defining a discounts is to click Add discount definition, and then enter the details of the discount definition.  You can edit any of the existing discounts by clicking on the rate in the list and selecting Edit discount definition, or you can simply double-click on the discount in the list.


Warning -- Once a discount is edited or deleted, there is no way to Cancel the operation -- the changes are permanent once you leave the Edit Discount dialog and come back to the Setup General Discounts dialog.  (Moving discounts is also "permanent" since there is no Cancel button, but you can always move them back.)


You can Move, Delete, or Copy one or more discounts by selecting the discounts in the list (Ctrl-click or Shift-click will select multiple discounts), and then click the appropriate button.  Copying discounts is very handy if you have a large group of discounts and need to add a similar group of discounts have slight variations, such as percentages or season dates.


Remember that the order general discounts are listed here does not affect the order they are applied to items.  The order does affect the order they will appear in the "Select Discounts" list when editing items -- and thus the default order they would be added if multiple items are selected at once -- but they can be rearranged for each item once selected, so the order here is irrelevant.


If you have special discounts for certain days, then the functions to Add and Remove dates from selected discount(s) makes it easy to add sale dates to the "Special dates applicable" for multiple discounts at once, or add it to the "Special dates not applicable" (which removes it from the discount) for other discounts.  These functions open a dialog where you can enter as many dates as needed, separated by commas.


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