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You can contact Cottonwood Software at:


E-mail:        support@campground-master.com

Web:        http://www.campground-master.com


E-mail is preferred for support or inquiries -- you will likely get a much faster response with better information if you send an E-mail with the details of your question or issue.  If you call (or send an E-mail requesting a call back), then your request may be delayed as available time for phone support is much more limited.


Phone support is typically available from 8:00AM to 5:00PM (Arizona time), Mon-Fri.  Weekend phone support available for emergencies or by special request, availability is not guaranteed.  Note that we do not answer the phone directly -- you will need to leave a message with the details of your support issue.  We will prioritize your call and it will be queued according to the issue described (and whether your support subscription is current), and we will call you back when available.


Phone:        1 (913) 522-0717  



Limitations of support:


While we pride ourselves in the depth and availability of our support, which goes far beyond even the expensive support available with most software companies, we must make certain reasonable disclaimers.


We will do our best to answer any questions and solve operational problems, and provide limited training on functions of our software.  However we cannot provide extensive configuration services or comprehensive training, or provide support for basic Windows functionality, 3rd-party software, or hardware not purchased from us.  Since Campground master is sold as a do-it-yourself program, we do expect the user to fully read the documentation and make an earnest attempt to do the setup or solve a problem themselves before requesting support.


Support is included only for the original purchaser or licensee of the software.  If your business changes ownership, management or primary software users, a license transfer fee must be paid to continue support (since new users typically result in a period of more support compared to continuous users).  In addition, if such a change results in excessive support to the new users in the basic functionality or setup again, then we may require a completely new license to be purchased in order to continue support.


We reserve the right to refuse support to users who in our judgment are abusive or have unreasonable expectations, or who have system or other difficulties making satisfactory support impractical.  (A refund will be issued if this occurs within 90 days of purchase.)


Specific exclusions: Advanced Customizations functions included in the program are present for the purposes of custom programming.  While these are available and documented for potential use by 3rd party programmers, they are not designed to be used by the typical end user.  Any support for these functions beyond answering simple questions about them will be considered custom development and thus not covered by normal support.


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