How to un-split a reservation

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Q: I split a reservation by accident (selected the wrong one) -- how do I correct this?


A: There isn't an un-split function, so you need to delete the extra reservation and fix the dates and status to what they should be.


First figure out which of the two reservation halves has the transactions (assuming there are any transactions added yet).  If the split was done with a sub-member option, it may actually look like transactions are on both reservations, but they will actually be linked to only the "Linked master" reservation.  You can see which one is the Lined master by double-clicking on one of the reservations to get the quick-info window.  At the bottom of this window it will show "This reservation is linked...", and one of them will have "[Linked master] after it.  Make a note of which dates are shown for that.


Also be sure to make a note of the overall first and last night of the combined reservations, and also the Auto-charged-through and Paid-through dates, , since you'll need to know those to fix them later.


Now you need to go into Reservation Details for the reservation that is *not* the Linked master (the one without the transactions), and Delete it (click the Delete button at the top).


Next, go into Reservation Details for the remaining reservation and correct the dates and status.  This may require undoing a check-out and/or check-in so the First and Last night can be changed, depending on the situation -- to undo Check-in or Check-out, click on the "Checked in" or "Checked out" box in the Status area of Reservation Details.  


Now correct the First and Last Night to what they should be for the whole stay, and then if necessary do the Check-in again if they're a current reservation (be sure to answer "No" when it asks if you want to make it start today).  


Finally, double-check the Auto-charged-thru date (if applicable) and the Paid-through date, which may have changed when the split was done, and update those to what they should be.



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