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There have been some major issues with the recent versions of IC Verify (4.1 and 4.2) which are unrelated to Campground Master.  Due to these issues, detailed below, we officially consider IC Verify 4.1 and later to not be supported by Campground Master.  While it is possible to get it to work, we are not responsible for getting it to work and consider it not compatible.  If you call about getting it to work, we will refer you to this information which might help you, but cannot provide any other support for it.  


If you already attempted to upgrade your IC Verify, you may already know about this.  For those who have not yet upgraded, or who are considering using IC Verify for credit card integration, this simple answer is -- don't!


Here are some things you need to know:


1. If you can still use a previous version (e.g. 4.0.3 or 4.0.4), then we suggest you do so.  They claim that it won't work with Windows 7 and will try to get you to buy version 4.2, but we've seen the old version work successfully on Windows 7 in at least one case.  The problem is that they won't want to support you with that combination so you may be on your own with installation, and we can't guarantee that it will work.


2. If you upgrade from a previous version of IC Verify (from 4.0.3 to version 4.2, for instance), expect problems.  Their installation doesn't properly re-register new components needed for the integration with programs like Campground Master.  Most of their support staff does not know about this.  They will require you to buy level 2 support for $750 in order to fix it, since it only affects the integration with other software like ours.  Expect 3 to 4 hours on the phone with them before they figure it out, if you're lucky.


3. If you're using Windows 7 with IPv6 enabled (as almost all installations of Windows 7 will), the IC Verify integration with won't work.  As with #2 above, most of their support is unaware of this and level 2 support is required to fix it.


4. Assuming the above issues are solved or are not a problem, you need to run Campground Master as an administrator the first time you try to connect with IC Verify so it can properly register the ICVerify DLL (Campground Master will offer to register the DLL if it sees that it isn't registered, because their setup doesn't do it for you).  This means you should right-click on the Campground Master icon on the desktop and choose "Run as Administrator", assuming that's an option.  If it's not an option, then either you're not logged into Windows as an administrator or you're using an older version of Windows (e.g. XP) where this isn't an issue.


4a. It's also possible that the IC Verify Multi-user component needs to Run as Administrator at least once, but we have not confirmed this.


5. If IC Verify is ever uninstalled and re-installed in the process of trying to get it working, you need to unregister and re-register the IC Verify DLL that Campground Master uses. Preferably, unregister it before doing the re-install of IC Verify.  There is a convenient Unregister button on the Credit Card Processing Setup screen of Campground Master, since IC Verify doesn't do it for you.  Once IC Verify is re-installed, Campground Master will again need to be run as an administrator so it can register the DLL (see #4 above).


6. Even if you get the integration working, their response codes and the documentation for them leave a lot to be desired, and sometimes an authorization comes through as "no error" when it really isn't processed, or it indicates an error when it really did process.  We made some corrections for this in version 6.1.4, but there are probably still some cases that don't work correctly, especially for non-U.S. credit cards, so watch the response messages carefully -- there is usually text in the response indicating the real result.


IC Verify's support will try to insist that the integration problems are a Campground Master issue, which they are not.  For the installations that we've gotten to work (after hours of back and forth with their level 2 techs), it has always been proven to be an IC Verify problem.  This can be shown by looking at the IC Verify log files for the Transaction Client/Server components that do the encryption (see details below), which they require 3rd party software like Campground Master to use.


Due to these problems, we cannot provide support for IC Verify integration of 4.1 or 4.2 versions.  When it works, it works well (except for #6 above).  But since almost all installations run into these problems and the issues are with IC Verify, not Campground Master, you will be responsible for purchasing their level 2 support and working with them to get it to work.


So what do we recommend?  Get rid of IC Verify and use one of our other options instead.



Solving the problems if you really want to try:


If you really want to try to get it to work, here is some further information that may help.


There are generally 4 possible errors seen:


-- A time-out waiting for a response from IC Verify -- This is good news, since it means that the encryption went smoothly and it's a simple matter of the path in the IC Verify Multi-User not matching the path in Campground Master, or the Multi-User not running.


-- An error saying that the IC Verify DLL isn't registered (with an option to have Campground Master register it) -- This is expected the first time you try to run a card.  If it happens again, then see #4 and #5 above


-- An error saying that encryption failed, a blank response was received form IC Verify -- This is the big one causing all of the issues, and requires level 2 support from IC Verify..


Here is some further information about the issue, which might be able to help their techs fix the problems:


To find out where it's really failing, you need to have ICVerify look at their log files (ICVTnsClient logs under the Campground Master folder in Program Files, and the ICVTnsServer logs under the ICVerify folder)


What Campground Master does:  Before putting the file in the folder, Campground Master must call ICVerify to encrypt it.  It passes the information to the ICVTnsClient.dll, which in turn sends this to the ICVTnsServer service (which in turn calls the IC Verify EncryptionManager.dll).  Once ICVTnsClient gets a response form the ICVTnsServer, it gives that response to Campground Master so it can put the encrypted information in a file.  From there, the IC Verify Multi-user picks it up, processes it, puts a response file back, and Campground Master must go through the same process to decrypt it.


You should be able to see from the log files whether failing in ICVTnsClient (it gets the request from Campground Master but the Server never gets the connection from the client), or ICVTnsServer (it gets the connection from the client, but can't open the EncryptionManager DLL).  The first problem is likely due to IPv6 being enabled in Windows.  The 2nd problem is most likely due to an IC Verify upgrade not properly registering its components.  Of course there may be other problems we're not yet aware of.


Good luck!


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