IC Verify version 4.0.4 issues

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If our database shows that you use IC Verify for credit card processing, then you should have already received notification of this issue.  Just in case you're using IC Verify but didn't receive notice, here it is again.  Be sure to let us know that you do use ICVerify so we can keep you informed.


Of course if you don't use IC Verify, then you can ignore this.


ICVerify is pushing the upgrade to their version 4.0.4 for PCI compliance.  However, they have changed the interface that Campground Master depends on, making it incompatible with the current version of Campground Master (5.0) due to the new encryption used.


IT WILL APPEAR TO GET APPROVALS, BUT IT IS NOT PROCESSING THE TRANSACTION.  If you see a very long Approval string (more than 50 letters/numbers), this is not a real approval code -- it's an encrypted error message.


This issue has been solved in the new beta version mentioned earlier in this newsletter.  Basically you have these 3 choices for now:


1. Don't upgrade to ICVerify 4.0.4 (or go back to an older version) so it works with the current Campground Master release (5.0 or earlier) as non-PCI compliant.


2. Stop processing cards through Campground Master -- do them directly in ICVerify or through a standalone terminal.


3. Install the beta release of Campground Master, available now, so it works with IC Verify -- but keep in mind that your Campground Master updates subscription must be current.



Some additional notes:


ICVerify will not update itself automatically -- if you have not manually installed version 4.0.4 (which has been out since May), then you should be OK for now.  If you're not sure, you can check Help / About ICVerify in the ICVerify terminal.  4.0.4 will show as Version 4, Release 4.  Any earlier "Release" number is fine.  And of course if you're still seeing the charges posted to your bank account, then all is working.


The new PCI compliance rules officially took place July 1st.  However if your merchant service does not force you to upgrade ICVerify, then you could wait.  (Some merchant services are mandating it or else you will be cut off, but that should be rare.)  It does put you at potential risk for fines if card data is stolen, though, so it's a choice you need to make on your own.  But technically you're still at the same risk even after upgrading ICVerify unless your whole business has gone through a PCI audit.



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