Importing iCal Files

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Once you have it set up for Importing from iCal files, you can import the reservations from iCal using Reservations / Retrieve Online Reservations.  Once the "iCal files" Source is selected, click "Retrieve Online  Requests" to download the iCal files.


This will go through all iCal Profiles with the "Import" type, and download the files for the applicable sites as defined in the Profile definition. Each iCal file will contain "events" for the reservations for that site, which will be Parsed according to your defined Parsing Sets, and the requests will be listed and ready to process.  


Refer to the Retrieve Online Reservations section for further details on using this function to process the requests.


Note that Campground Master will combine all iCal files into one temporary local file for processing ("ical.txt"), which will be saved in the Windows "temp folder" -- if you leave this function and re-enter it, any previously reservations will be processed from the local file and shown again without doing the download.


Important: Be aware that if you use "Download" again, it will replace the local file with the newly downloaded iCal files -- any previously unprocessed reservations could be lost if they are no longer available in the downloaded files.


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