Marking sites for special use

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Q: We want to flag some sites for use only under certain conditions, like a special event.  We need them to be available for reservations, but we want to show them with an event name or special color so the operators know they aren't to be used for normal reservations.  How can we do that?


A: Probably the best way to do this is to put an Owner reservation on the sites, with the name of the event.   Owner reservations will show up on the Rack (assuming you have that option checked in the Options on the Rack), but will still allow normal reservations to be made on top of them.  It's as if the event "owns" the sites for that period, but they can still be rented out.


First you need to make sure that at least one Owner reservation type is enabled -- see Maintenance / Pick Lists / Reservation Types.  If you prefer, you can add a special reservation type for the event or rename the Owner type -- just make sure the Base type is "Owner".


Now make a reservation on the site like you normally would, but select Owner (or your special type) form the "Resv Type" list.  Make sure the Last name of the customer (e.g. a fake customer) is what you want to show on the Rack.


To make the real customer reservations in those sites, you can double-click in the space like you normally would to start a reservation, or right-click and select "New Reservation for this site (non-owner)".  Selecting the site through New Reservation works also.



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