Misc. Income and Expense Transactions

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These transactions are different than others in that they are not done in charge/payment pairs, don't have separate tax and discount entries, and so forth.  They are single transaction entries, like entries in a ledger.  As such, you won't use the same grid-style transaction dialog as you do for reservation and customer transactions.  These should only be used if you are using Campground Master as your only accounting software, which would probably only be suitable for the smallest of campgrounds. Manager access is required to enter Expense and Income transactions.


To enter these transactions, use the menu functions to Enter an Expense Transaction or Enter a Misc. Income Transaction from the Transactions main menu.  If you use the Transaction button, then click on the appropriate button at the bottom of the dialog to enter an expense or misc. income transaction.  Note that the operator will need to have a Manager access level or higher to enter these transactions -- the menu/button options to enter them will be disabled otherwise.


At this point you will get a small dialog for either expenses or income (they look the same, just with different wording).  Here you can enter the transaction date (defaulting to today but you can use it to enter old transactions easily), the payment or receipt method, check # or other reference, category, description, total amount and any notes.


These fields have all been covered in other sections and work the same here, except that you'll notice that no other transactions have a field for Check # / Reference.  This is only used for these ledger-type transactions, and you can use any text you like in this field.  You'll also notice that there is no Qty/Each, just one Total Amount field.  As with others, no dollar sign is needed here, just enter an amount like "123.95" or "100".


After entering the transaction data, just click Save (or Cancel to abort it).  When you view the Transactions tab, you will see the new transaction (assuming you're viewing the date entered in the transaction dialog).


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