Networking - How to set up a static IP address

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If you're using the Campground Master networking option, you'll find that it works best if you configure the master workstation (server) to use a "static IP " address.  Otherwise, you may have to occasionally reconfigure all of the client workstations to a new IP address.  Without a static IP, the master might change its IP address any time it's rebooted, or when the network router loses power, which in some cases might be pretty often.


This is mentioned briefly in the documentation, but it doesn't cover any details.  We still haven't had a chance to put together a complete tutorial on this because there are so many different situations that require different steps.  So for now, we've used Google to search for tutorials on the web.  Here are some references that may help, but of course we can't guarantee the accuracy or whether they apply to your particular setup.  If you're not willing to experiment, please have a professional configure your network, as we can't help you with network problems outside of Campground Master.


Information for Belkin routers, but appears to be generic Windows instructions.  Covers all versions of Windows up to XP:


This has detailed steps for all versions of Windows:

Note: They also try to get you to download software that sets up the static IP for you, but I don't know if it works -- I recommend using the guide listed for your version of Windows.


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