Networking errors caused by WinSock problems

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We have encountered a couple cases where the networking doesn't work and all of the normal things don't help.  One particular symptom is that the Network Diagnostics on the master (server) shows that it's receiving messages, but messages aren't getting back to the client.


The cases of this that we've seen have turned out to be a problem with the Winsock configuration in Windows -- most likely caused by spyware or other errant software.  One of our customers found an easy way to fix this, in a program specifically designed to do this called WinSockFix.  You can find this in several places on the web, but we're also making it available from our web site.  If you encounter a sudden network problem that doesn't seem to be related to IP addressing issues or security software, just download this program and run it.  It will automatically correct any problems it finds.


Go to the downloads page of our web site (link below), and look for "Winsock Fix" at the very bottom.


Note: This program isn't written by us, so use it at your own discretion.  A full system (hard drive) backup is always a good idea before running software that makes changes to the system like this.




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