Networking through a dynamic internet IP address

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This tidbit was submitted by one of our customers, as a solution to accessing Campground Master while away from the office even though their internet connection does not have a static IP address.


We always encourage getting a static IP address from your internet provider so that you can easily connect through the internet no matter where you are (e.g. from a laptop), so you can tap into the network as a Campground Master client.  Usually if you don't have a static IP address, you need to find out the current address before connecting, e.g. by calling someone in the office and having them check it, and enter that address in the Network Setup each time.


However a solution has been found that works around this through the free service at the web site below:


Apparently it works great if you have a LinkSys router with built-in DDNS client, but can also work using a piece of software they provide.


Note: This has not been tested by us and is pretty high on the technical scale we -- we're offering this information for reference only, so if it's of interest you can pass it on to your network administrator.  


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