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This has settings for both Importing iCal files and Exporting iCal files.  These settings are configured through Maintenance / Online Reservations / Other Online Interfaces / Connections & Options / iCal.


For importing, there's just one setting here -- the checkbox to Enable iCal file importing.  Without this enabled, iCal will not be an option under Retrieve Online Reservations.


For exporting, you need to check Enable exporting of iCal files.  Technically that's all that's required to just Export the files (e.g. if you will upload them with some other software).  However, Campground Master has built-in FTP (File Transfer Protocol) functionality for uploading the files to your web site after using the Export to iCal Files function.  Some familiarity with your web host provider's uploading requirements is needed to configure this functionality.  Obviously the first requirement is that you have your own web site, and that the web server that it's on supports uploading the web pages with FTP.  It should also go without saying that the computer must have a connection to the internet.


The basic settings are the same as for any FTP program.  Contact your web host provider for the actual settings to be used (just ask for your "FTP configuration settings for uploading files"), but example entries are shown below for a simple non-secure FTP connection:


Host Name/Address:

Port Number:                21

Protocol:                FTP

Username:                myusername

Password:                mypassword

Remote directory:        public_html/icalfolder


Note that the Remote directory should be a single "/" if the root directory is needed.  If a sub-directory is needed, the entry should not start with a slash (but it can end in a slash) -- for instance, "www/" is correct, but "/www" is not correct.


Passive Transfer -- This option can be selected for most web hosts, but some will not allow it.  If you're having trouble with the upload, try changing this option.


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