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This feature allows you to export the Campground Master transaction data to a file that QuickBooks can import (IIF format).  Transactions can be exported as often as daily (daily totals are exported), or it can be done once a week, once a month, or however often you need the data in QuickBooks.


IMPORTANT -- This will NOT work with QuickBooks Online, since the online version does not have the required import function for IIF files.  It must be a desktop version, specifically QuickBooks Pro or higher.


Only daily account totals are transferred to QuickBooks -- not individual transactions or invoices, or customer totals, or inventory sales.



How the export data is calculated


The QuickBooks export data is calculated on an Accrual Accounting basis only.  Specifically, it is created from 4 of the Quick-Reports in Campground Master (it actually generates these reports the same way as if you selected them from the Summary Transaction reports), and uses the amounts from those reports in the export:


Charges by Category -- The total for each Category is exported according to the Transactions Categories Mapping defined here.  If applicable, the tax categories are exported according to the Taxes mapping for Auto-taxes.

Receipts by Payment Method -- The total for each Payment Method is exported according to the Receipt Payment Methods Mapping defined here (or Expense Payment Methods Mapping if it's an expense).

Deposit Account -- The Total (net deposit change for the day) is exported to the Account for Advance Deposits selected.  Deposits in Campground Master are considered a "liability" against the actual receipts.

Accounts Receivable -- The Total (net A/R change for the day) is exported to the Account for Accounts Receivable Balance selected.



A note about Accounts Receivable calculation


The total A/R for each day is the net Charges entered (plus Taxes and less Discounts), minus Receipts (Payments plus Deposits applied, minus Refunds).  So any excess of Charges will go into A/R as a positive amount, and any excess of payments (e.g. when it's paid) will come out of A/R, as a negative amount.  In other words, any day that the payments (receipts) are not equal to charges (income), the difference goes into A/R (or if payments are greater, it comes out of A/R).  If you put in charges only when the reservation pays in full (e.g. when they check in), the A/R will always be $0.00.  But if you have reservations for the future that you've already entered Charges for and have not post-dated them, then all of those charges are counted as A/R.  See Recommended Transaction and Reporting Procedures for more detail.


This is also required to balance the daily Cash Sale amount so the total is always $0.00, because QuickBooks cannot import a negative cash sale (which would otherwise happen it there were more payments than charges).






Using the Export Function


Transaction Categories Mapping


Receipt Payment Methods Mapping


Expense Payment Methods Mapping


Taxes Mapping for Auto-taxes



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