Purchase Orders Outstanding (Receiving)

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This dialog is accessed through the main menu: P.O.S. / Purchase Orders / Purchase Orders Outstanding (Receiving).  This function is the easiest way to update your inventory to reflect an order received (assuming you generated the orders through Campground Master to begin with).


When this dialog is opened, it will be ready to take a scan code or other search term to find purchase orders for.  If you're using a scanner, you can simply scan the item.  If there is only one outstanding P.O. found for it, then it will immediately open the dialog to enter the quantity received (or click the "All Received" button if all received).   If more than one match is found, it will list any found so you can select the one to receive.  Alternatively, you can search by P.O. number or the Vendor's stock number, assuming you have that information in the database.


If you prefer, you can uncheck the "Find by" box and it will show all ordered items in the system that have not been completely fulfilled, sorted by date.  (Order items that have no quantity will not be shown, such as shipping).  If necessary you can change the filtering criteria by clicking Change Purchase Order Filtering.  Note that unlike most other functions, changes to this filtering are not saved -- it's reset each time the dialog is opened.


When entering the quantity received, you can also change the Cost of the received items, just in case the cost is different than what was on the order.


Note that when you receive items through this function, an Adjustment record for tracking and reporting is also created automatically.  The Adjustment Type will be "Purchase", and the Reason will be set according to the defaults in Program Options.


Receiving All Items


If an entire order is received from a vendor, the easiest way to "receive" it is to sort by P.O. number, locate the items for the order received, select all of those items (click on the first one, and Shift-click on the last one), and click Receive All of selected items. The Qty Received values will be updated and the inventory on hand is immediately updated for those items (if it's an inventory item).  


Items are not immediately removed from the list when received, so you can print a report if needed.  If you want to clear all of the items that have now been received in full, click the Refresh List button.


If only part of an order is received, you can also just select those items received (use Ctrl-click to select individual items if they aren't contiguous in the list).  Again, you can use the Receive All of selected items function if the entire quantity was received for each of the selected items.



Entering Qty Received


If only some of an individual item were received (for instance 25 out of 100 ordered), then select the item and click Enter qty received of item selected.  A dialog will appear showing the number ordered and previously received.  Enter the amount received this shipment, and the remainder will be shown.  Press Enter or click Save and the inventory will be updated.



Deleting Order Items


If necessary you can completely delete an order item.  While not generally recommended (because it loses all record of the item being ordered), you may need to do this if an item you ordered will never be received.  Select the items to delete and click the Delete Selected Items button to delete the ordered items.  Note that if a quantity has already been received, the inventory on hand has already been updated -- so deleting the order item will not subtract the items from inventory.



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