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One of our customers writes with this request:


Q: I would like to be able to red flag a reservation when it is made or sometime thereafter, and then be able to somehow show a red flag warning without going and looking at the customer information.  An  example:  we require people be at least 18 years or older to make a reservation.  Occasionally we take a reservation and we are suspicious that they are not 18.  When we check them in I would like to see that the reservation has been red flagged so we remember to check their age.


A: Version 4.0 will be able to do this (later this year), since it will be open to all kinds of customizations.  You will be able to add a flag field and show the reservation in a different color on the Rack based on that field.  We also plan to add customizable pop-up notices in the future, which might also be done by version 4.0.



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