Selecting a Handicapped site for a reservation

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Q: I've enabled the "Handicapped rating" Site field and put a rating number in the handicapped sites, and also enabled the "Handicap Access" Reservation field and put "Handicap Access" in the Quick-prefs so it shows as a checkbox when I make a new reservation.  But when I check that preference, it doesn't limit the sites shown to the ones with a handicapped rating.  What's wrong?



A: The "Rating" attribute fields for sites are a 1 to 5 rating (5 being "best"), but the reservation fields are either "must have" or "must not have".  Checking the preference box for a new reservation makes this a "must have".  What this will do is include any site with a Handicapped rating of 3 or more, and exclude any with a 1 or 2 rating.


However, this assumes that ALL sites have the Handicapped rating field filled in -- if the field is left blank, it's treated as "unknown" rather than "no access" -- and since it's unknown the site will be shown as a possible match.


To fix this, simply go through each site and enter a Handicapped rating of "1" if it does not have suitable handicapped access, and a rating of 3 or higher if it does.  Don't leave any of them blank unless it does not apply (e.g. for Storage, Shelters, etc).



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