Setting up for Import from iCal files

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If you're interested in setting up Campground Master to import from "iCalendar" files, aka "iCal" files, the following areas need to be addressed.  (See the related sections for details.)


Enable iCal importing under Online Connections & Options / iCal.


Find out the details for the iCal formatting from any services you plan to use (e.g. AirBnB).  This may include filename requirements as well as field formats for the Summary, UID, Location and Description fields and also matching up unit names with your Sites in Campground Master.  See the Profiles information for more details.


Enable any Site data fields needed for specifying the details in the profiles, specifically "Site_Online_iCal_Import_File".  If you're importing from more than one service, this may require adding additional custom fields.


Create one or more iCal Profiles to be used when importing the files.


Create one or more Parsing Sets with the "iCal format" Parsing Set Type, to be used when importing the files.


Fill in the Site data fields above with the appropriate values.


Note that this functionality is often used in conjunction with the iCal Export functionality, so you may also want to see that section (Exporting iCal Files).




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