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Start setting up iCal Profiles by opening the iCal Profile Setup dialog (Maintenance / Online Reservations / Other Online Interfaces / iCal Profiles).  This will list any already defined (if there are any), with their Description, Profile Type, whether it's Enabled, and any Notes.  From here you can add or edit profiles, delete obsolete profiles, and move profiles in the list.


You can also Print or Export  the shown list at any time.



Adding or Editing Profiles


Note that the information shown for the Profiles in the list are coming from the Profile definitions -- they cannot be changed directly in the list.  You need to Edit the profile to change it.


The basic procedure for defining a Profile is to click Add profile, and then enter the details of the profile, along with the applicable sites, dates, etc that determine its function. Insert is the same as Add, except that the profile will be inserted in the list at the current selection point, rather than added to the end of the list.  You can edit any of the existing profiles by clicking on the profile in the list and selecting Edit profile, or you can double-click on the profile in the list.


Warning -- Once a profile is edited or deleted, there is no way to Cancel the operation -- the changes are permanent once you leave the Edit profile dialog and come back to the Setup iCal Profiles dialog.


You can Move, Delete, or Copy one or more profiles by selecting the profiles in the list (Ctrl-click or Shift-click will select multiple profiles), and then click the appropriate button.  Copying profiles is handy if you have profiles that are similar but have slight variations, such as sites or unavailable dates.



Profile Order


The order of Profiles does not matter to the functionality except for one case -- if attaching iCal files to E-mail confirmations, it will use the first profile (with the "Attach" type) that it finds in the list that's applicable to the Site.  Other than that, you can put them in any order you like.



Importing and Exporting Profiles


These functions allow copying profiles from one database to another (or between computers).  This is used if you have your software provider do the setup on another system and then need to import that setup to the working database on your computer.  The Import function will only work with files exported using the Export Profiles function here.  It cannot import profiles from a user-created file.


The Export function creates a text (CSV) file in a special format that the Import function can read.  This can include one or more definitions (select the entry or entries to export before clicking the Export button).  To complete the export, select the location (Save in) and the file name for the exported file with the "Export" file dialog is shown.


The Import function is simply the reverse of Export -- select the CSV file containing the exported profiles, and Open it to import the profiles into your database.




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