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This is accessed through Maintenance / Online Reservations / Hercules / Hercules Setup, Parsing tab, and click the Site Data Fields button.  The fields are listed in a grid format, like in Raw Data tables, because it's very helpful to edit them as a group and see the overall view.


Only the online data fields that are enabled will be shown -- so if you just see an empty list, you haven't enabled any of the expected fields (through Maintenance / Data Field Definitions / Sites).  Note that if you used other online interfaces in the past, it might show more than the two fields described below.  Those "extra" fields can be ignored.


To change fields values, just edit them directly in the grid.  Some values will be drop-down lists, depending on the type of field.  You can also use copy/paste functions to copy a value to one or more fields.


WARNING -- any changes made here are instant and non-reversible, just like raw data tables.  There is no Cancel or Undo function here.



Hercules Space Number -- Set this to the space number for the site as configured on Hercules, which can be different than the Site Name for the sites in Campground Master.  For instance, the name might be "RV Site 1", but on Hercules it might be shown as "RV1" or just "1".  Note that this only has to be entered for the sites you make available for reservations on Hercules.  Leave it blank for sites not listed on Hercules, or if you don't have it enabled for "Online" on Hercules.  Of course with the 2-way interface, you can enable your entire site inventory online without fear of conflicts.


Important: If a Hercules space number is entered here that does not match a space configured as an online site in Hercules, it will be unable to lock the site on Hercules and thus error messages will occur when doing local operations.  It could also mean that true availability is not being synchronized to Hercules.  Therefore it is very important that these match the Hercules data.


Copy Site Abbr/Name of ALL sites to Hercules Num -- For initial setup convenience there are buttons allowing you to copy either the Site Abbr. or Site Name of all sites to the Hercules Space Number.  Assuming that the spaces on Hercules have been set up according to either the Abbr or Name field in Campground Master, this will make the setup a 1-click operation.



Hercules Unavailable Dates -- This allows you to block individual sites from online reservations on certain dates.  This might be a season, special event, or some other reason that you don't want any online reservations on the site.  (While this field affects individual sites, there is also a global setting that allows you to set unavailable dates for all sites at once -- see Hercules Setup / Reservations.)  


Take care when using this setting, as entering it incorrectly could result in the site being blocked online for all dates, or not blocked on the dates you expect.  After changing this setting and allowing the synchronization to occur, we recommend that you verify the dates through your account on Hercules (through their web interface).  You can enter single dates, a date range, or any number of date ranges.  You can also enter dates or ranges without a year, so it repeats each year.  


Note that any dates set as "Unavailable" in Campground Master using the site's Season Dates Applicable or Special Dates Unavailable Field will automatically be unavailable online as well -- so there is no need to duplicate those dates here.  The site will be unavailable online for any of those dates plus any dates set in this field.


For more information on the format of this setting, see the details for setting the Season Dates under Maintenance Functions / Park Setup Functions / Edit Site Details.  You can use Copy/Paste (Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V) to copy dates to multiple sites easily, just like you would in Excel.




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