Unfulfilled Reservations

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Be sure to refer to Report Dialog Controls for the common report controls.


This report is useful for seeing how many reservations have been "missed" due to customer cancellations, inquiries that did not turn into reservations, and not being able to accommodate customers.  


There are 2 ways this report can be grouped:


1. By Status (Type).  It will report percentages (or totals) in the different Reservation Status categories:


Could Not Fill (the "couldn't book" flag on reservations)

Canceled (presumably cancellations by the customer)

No-Show (the customer did not show up)

No-Stay (the customer showed up but did not stay at least 1 night)

Mistake (an operator canceled it for some reason)

Canceled/Other (an operator canceled it for some reason other than those above)

Waiting List (couldn't book them but they wanted to know if something came available)

Inquiries (information saved but no reservation made)

Filled or Pending (either successful past reservations or booked future reservations).  

The Filled or Pending category is included even though they were not unfulfilled, just so that the totals can be seen for proper perspective.


2. By Cancel Reason (as of version 11.0).  With this grouping, it will categorize them by the "Cancel Reason" Pick List you've defined (plus an "(Unknown)" category for any that don't have the reason selected).  Note that when this grouping is chosen, it will only include Canceled reservations, not other types like Inquiries, Could Not Fill, Filled, etc.


By default, it will report reservations based on their First Night (expected arrival date).  You can alternately choose either the Date Made or the Date Canceled.  Or you can also choose "Use all reservation nights", which will count each day of the reservation instead of just the arrival date.


Note that you can use this report to report on future dates as well as the past, which can indicate when you have a lot of customers already waiting for space (perhaps to prepare some extra sites to take on the demand).  You can also have it report according to the date each reservation was created.


In addition to the percentages for each date period of each category, the average percentage for the entire date range is shown.  Since all possible status conditions are covered, the Totals for all categories should be 100% for each date period, as well as the Averages.


If you don't select the Show as Percentages option, you will see the actual number of reservations (or reservation nights) for each of the categories, which can also be useful.


You can also select which site types to report or other reservation or site filtering criteria, which would allow you do make comparisons between cancellations of deluxe sites vs. economy sites, for instance.




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