Viewing Work Order Lists & Reports

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Work Orders can be viewed through the main menu's View / Work Orders command.  If done through that menu, then it shows the "General" Work Orders by default (not connected to a particular Site), and you can also add or edit General work orders.  You can also choose to view just work orders for Sites, or to view All Work Orders.  You can View and Edit any work order shown, however you can only Add "General" Work Orders -- the Add button is only enabled if "General work order" is selected as the entries to show.


You'll also find a "Work Orders" button at the bottom of Site Details.  This button will take you to a list of any existing entries for that Site, and will limit viewing to those.  This is also where you would view the details, add a new entry or edit an existing entry.


This list also functions as a reporting tool, with filtering and sorting.  All work order fields are shown except the Time it was made and the Operator (those can be seen for individual work orders by Viewing it).  If you add your own custom fields, those will also be shown.  Click on any column heading to sort by that column.


It will initially list any that are not "Done".  You can change that filtering to show all work orders or only those that are done.  You can also select the type of work orders to show (General, Site, or All), filter by sites, site type, site class or Park if you're showing Site work orders, and also filter by a date range.  The date range filter can be used for any one of the date fields -- Created, Done, Start, or Due.  You can Print the list or Export the list to a CSV file, as with all other reports.


You can also mark multiple work orders as "Done" from here.  Note that when marking it Done, the Done Date field will be set to the current day automatically (if that field is enabled).


Work Orders are kept indefinitely by default (until manually deleted from this dialog, or if the associated Site is deleted).



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