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We've put together an example of a web form that you could use on your web site, along with the Parsing Rules needed to extract the data form the E-mail you would get when someone fills in the form.  This assumes that your web provider has some kind of form script that you can use to handle the HTML "<form>" processing.  Of course this is still intended for your web site designer since it will probably require a some modifications for your specific application, but perhaps it will minimize the time needed to set it up.  


If you're using the Export to Web function, this example form also includes a fancier (and more foolproof) way to handle the Arrival Date along with the updated Javascript to extract the date parameters accordingly from the vacancy grid links.  Instead of a single text entry for the arrival date, it uses month, day, and year drop-down lists with the months spelled out.  This should help reduce entry errors and confusion.  (Thanks to one of our customers for this idea and sample code.)


Example web page result: https://campgroundmaster.com/3/vacancy00all.html


The sample form, along with a CSV file with sample parsing rules that would parse that particular form, can be downloaded from our web site.  The parsing rules CSV file can be imported to a parsing set through the Edit Parsing Set dialog.


If you're viewing this in PDF (printed) form, you can download these from our web site -- see the "Downloads" link in the menu, and go down to the bottom to locate the "Sample Online Reservation Form" links.  Or you can type in the URLs shown below.


You can view or download the sample form here:



You can also get a CSV file with the parsing rules here: (right-click and select "Save Target As" to save it to your computer without opening it up)



Keep in mind that this is only an example -- since it uses some default values for selections like How-Heard, Rig Type, Site Type, etc, it probably would not be appropriate for any particular park without modification.  Your web site designer can use this to start with or get some ideas from, but it needs to be tailored to your particular application before actual use.



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