Windows 10 - Avoid the auto-upgrade!

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We've heard from several people that Microsoft is doing an alarming thing -- they are starting to upgrade Windows 7 or 8 computers to Windows "overnight", without asking permission (it's a little more complicated than that, but basically that's what it appears to do to the unsuspecting user).


While Campground Master doesn't have specific problems with Windows 10, there are a number of side effects that can cause problems.  So if it hasn't already happened to you, there are ways you can keep it from happening (as well as avoid the nagging upgrade reminders).  Since we're not Windows tech support we won't tell you the details specifically, but there are some helpful sites we found on the web that show you how to avoid the prompts and/or the automatic update (without disabling Windows Updates altogether, which frankly I always do anyway to keep nasty surprises from happening).


Note: Be aware that the "free" upgrade to Windows 10 is suppose to go away in July, so keep that in mind before disabling the update.


Disclaimer: We have no connection to these sites and cannot vouch for their accuracy or safety.  Have your computer expert perform any operation on your computer that you don't fully understand.


One of the simpler explanations, but requires editing the registry:


Other resources:



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