Fixes implemented
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Problems that were considered significant functional issues are noted in bold print.

·Fixed so it doesn't count $0 auto-rates results as "better" for calculating longer periods (e.g. in the case where no rates apply for a longer period)  
·POS fix -- when the Change Due window comes up, that kept locks because print/save/close isn't done yet. Now don't lock until we're processing changes -- either when Done or if auto-save-before-print (but if auto-close-after-print then it will close immediately anyway)  
·Fixed a crash in New Reservation if a date is selected causing the very last "default future date", or farther, to be accessed.  
·Fixed -- rounding issues causing auto-rates adding/subtracting the same thing over and over.  
·Improved the CSV Import and Export function to handle quoted strings properly (convert to double-quotes). Also avoid stripping leading & trailing spaces, and removed the 5000-character limit on field values.  
·Fixed a crash when trying to move Customer Transactions up or down in Transaction History.  
·Guest reservations fix - don't set the default First Night to a date prior to today (assume starting today if adding from Reservation Details / Guest Mangmt, and make sure the site for the new guest reservation (and thus the host reservation) can be seen in New Reservation (uncheck Show Avail & Use Prefs)  
·Inquiry reservations -- Fixed so if a synced reservation is made an Inquiry (or Wait or Can't book), make it non-synced instead of a sub-member (separate billing).  
·Fixed bug with finding matched Transfer transactions when deleting a transfer (picking the wrong one when more than one exists for the reservation) -- fixes deleting and the Unmatched Transfers maintenance report.  
·Fixed New Reservation entry so any change to the rig size re-checks site preferences and displays appropriate sites (instead of only doing it if it's 2 digits), so clearing it resets the preferences  
·Fixed a crash when deleting single selected sites in New Reservation  
·Importing fixes:  
Reservations: Avoid deleting a valid one as a duplicate due to a previously Cancelled one (compare resv status for duplicate checking)  
Transactions: Tolerate a + sign in front of a value (and leading 0's)  
Transactions: When matching resv site #s, tolerate a leading 0 (as when importing reservations)  
Transactions: Don't import $0 deposits  
If customer Import ID not found, show proper error message instead of showing it as a duplicate.  
·Pole display - Fixed default setting for 2nd line of pole display so it shows both lines (was showing just 2nd line, on the top).  
·Networking -- inserted a 2-second delay when disconnect/reconnect, to avoid the "workstation already in use" connection problems  
·Removed the "Expiration date format" setting from the Credit Card setup, since it should always be YYMM and changing it will cause decline charges.  
·Avoid a couple redundant prompts about payment method and paid-through date when payments are entered for POS sales.