Changes implemented
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Changes that are significant new functionality or important to know about are noted in bold print.

·Guest reservations -- if using Add Guest from right-click menu on the Rack, assume the reservation is to start on the date right-clicked on.  
·Added Alt-N hotkey to open cash drawer (in Transactions dialog and POS Sales Entry dialog)  
·Add a "+1Y" button to New Reservation and Reservation Details to add 1 year (only available on 800x600 or larger screens)  
·Add Function hot-keys for common functions in POS and Transactions dialogs:  
F2 - Select Rates (or Auto-Calculate, if the auto-calculate button is present)  
F3 - Enter Deposit  
F4 - POS Sale (if POS option is present)  
F5 - Enter Charge  
F6 - Enter Cash Payment (Enter Payment, automatically selects Cash)  
F7 - Enter Credit Card Payment (or Other Payment if credit card processing is not enabled)  
F8 - Print  
F9 - Open cash drawer  
F10 - Done  
·Added an option to not allow transaction changes to be canceled in Transactions once a receipt is printed -- see "Save transactions immediately when a receipt is printed" in Program Options / Prompts  
·Added an option to "Split payment among group members", to automatically transfer equal amounts among group reservations. Only enabled for a Payment or Deposit if it's a Group reservation type, on the linked master with some non-synced reservations.  
·Operator Setup -- shows a list of operators first (like sites setup) instead of going straight into editing the first operator.  
·Added a "Copy map" function to Maps setup (copies all elements too).  
·When duplicating rates, schedules, general item discounts, vendors, maps, and parsing sets, "(Copy 1)" is added to the name of the new one so that the names are unique.  
·Added import/export functions to the Setup dialogs for Parsing Sets, Maps and Rates.  
·Removed the "Import Rules" function from Edit Parsing Set -- the new function above makes it obsolete.  
·POS -- Added an Inventory option to have items that request the price when selected, instead of using a fixed price. The default can also be specified.  
·POS - Added an access level to allow a POS sale with a balance if cust/resv selected without prompting about it (saves a step).  
·POS - Added separate "Select Customer" and "Select Reservation" buttons, which go directly to Find Cust/Resv instead of the intermediate dialog.  
·POS - Inventory Setup and Vendor Setup functions show a list first (like sites setup) instead of going straight into editing the first item/vendor.  
·Rates -- Added a "Max periods to apply" option to limit the # days a rate will be used before checking alternatives, e.g. for Passport America rates.  
·In several Setup dialogs (Maps, Sites, Rates, Schedules, etc.), changed "New" to "Add" for consistency, moved Add button above Edit, and removed some Insert functions where they're not particularly helpful (Add / Move will work just as well).  
·Guarantee dialog -- Added a button to go directly to Quote/Confirmation.  
·Taxes Setup -- Added a "Trans Cats" list that each default tax should apply to, so it can be set to apply only to certain categories by default instead of all categories. Used in the Enter Charge dialog, for both normal & POS transactions, and also used when entering Inventory items.  
·Added the "Exclude from E-mail" field to Find Customer results if looking for E-mail address.  
·Added Confirmation # option to the Transactions Details view.  
·Report / Meter readings changes:  
-- Added a warning if any occupants are empty (not going to be charged).  
-- Added a warning if closing without printing the added charges.  
-- Added an option to "charge previous occupant for any sites that are vacant".  
-- Use the "Actual reading date" instead of "today" for occupant as-of showing/charging, and for rates calculations.  
·Added error/warning messages if attempting to open database from remote or removable drive, or from inside a compressed backup  
·Export to Web -- Start and end dates for availability can now be set, either as specific start/end dates, or Today, or X days from today.  
·Rearranged the Raw Data Tables menu (grouped some items into sub-menus)