Version 3.6 Release Notes
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These release notes list all changes since the version 3.5 release.

To upgrade to this release, you only need to install it over your current version. There is no need to uninstall the previous version. Any previous versions will be upgraded automatically -- you do not need to install previous upgrades before this one, and all of your data and settings will be retained (except for the "demo" database file, which will be replaced with a new version). It will make some automatic changes to your database to bring it up to date, so there may be a slightly longer delay the first time you open it.

Upgrades License Expiration Note:
To use this version, your free-upgrades license must be current through 10 / 2005. To check your free-upgrades license expiration date, go to View / Product Authorizations and check the "Upgrades free through" date.

Networking Note:
Be sure that all workstations are upgraded at the same time (shut down all workstations, upgrade all of them, then restart them one by one starting with the master workstation).

Previous Versions Note: You cannot go back to using your database with a previous version of Campground Master once you start using this version, due to upgrades that are automatically made to the database. Be sure you make a backup of the database before installing the new version, in case you have any trouble.

Demo users note:
If you're still using the demo or trial of Campground Master, be aware that the sample database file, "Demo", will be overwritten when you install the upgrade. If you have changes to the demo you want to save, make sure you make a backup (Maintenance / Back Up Database) and/or use File / Save As to save it to a different filename.

Changes in this release:

·Changes implemented -- Changes since 3.5.  

·Fixes implemented -- Bugs fixed since the 3.5 version release.  

·Online Reservations -- Complete documentation on the new online reservation support.