Version 1.1.1 Release Notes

This version is a minor release -- no new features have been added. Some changes have been made to help eliminate data problems that could be caused accidentally by an operator, and an issue has been resolved that might have affected Windows XP users. We recommend upgrading to this version to avoid these potential problems.

Note: While there should be no problems with the new version, be aware that you cannot go back to using a version of Campground Master prior to version 1.1 once you start using this version, due to upgrades that are automatically made to the database. Be sure you make a backup (or 2) before installing the new version, in case you have trouble getting it to run. Then you can re-install the old version and restore from the backup database if needed.

Also Note: When you install the new version, the "demo" database will be overwritten with a new version of the sample database. If you have been working with the sample database and want to save the changes you've made, then you need to load it and then use File | Save As to save it to a different name before installing the new version of the software.

Changes to this version: