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Supported Point of Sale Hardware

For our pricing on selected hardware, see the POS Hardware Pricing Page.

Equipment supported by Campground Master

Some peripherals require the Point of Sale (P.O.S.) optional functions, while support for some peripherals is included in the basic Campground Master license:

    Receipt printer Support is included with basic software
    Cash drawer Support is included with basic software
    Credit card mag stripe reader       Support is included with basic software
    Bar code scanner P.O.S. option is required
    Pole display P.O.S. option is required

You will find a list of suggested equipment models here, with our pricing.

The items needed for your system depend on your situation. Technically, the P.O.S. can be operated without any external hardware other than a standard PC printer for receipts. Added peripherals generally add speed and convenience, as well as a more professional look to your business.

Below are some tips to help you decide what you need.

Receipt printer These are fast and economical, better than using a full page printer in high-traffic situations whether you use the P.O.S. or not. Also used for credit card signature slips, if processing them through the computer.
Cash drawer Recommended if you're replacing a manual cash register, and/or want access restricted to the software operators.
Credit card mag stripe reader Required if processing credit cards through the software, but also useful for keeping the customer's credit card information on file.
Bar code scanner Recommended if you have more than just a few items in inventory or if checkout speed is important, but not required -- you can look up inventory by keywords or description searches also.
Pole display Completely optional, but adds a nice professional touch in any store-like environment. Can speed checkout, letting the customer see how much is due.

Choosing Hardware Interfaces

The most perplexing part of choosing hardware is the variety of interfaces available for each device. Below are the recommended interfaces as well as any other options supported by the software.

The main thing is that you need to add up all of the interface ports required and make sure your computer has those connections available. Keep in mind that "keyboard-wedge" interfaces don't use up a port, since they connect in-line with your keyboard -- however they do require that you use a PS-2 style keyboard, not a USB or wireless keyboard. Parallel and serial devices occupy a port, and since newer computers rarely have these ports as standard equipment you need to check with your computer technician to see if they are supported. Multiple USB devices can be added to a single port if an external "hub" device is used.

Device Recommended Other options
Receipt printer * USB Serial, Parallel
Cash drawer Through printer USB****, Serial
Mag stripe reader *** USB (Keyboard Emulation) PS/2 Keyboard wedge
Bar code scanner ** USB (Keyboard Emulation) PS/2 Keyboard wedge
Pole display USB Serial

NOTE: Serial and parallel interfaces work only with "native" serial/parallel ports, not with USB adapters.

* (must have a Windows-compatible printer driver for USB)
** (should be "fully decoded" output, and must be "keyboard emulation", not "HID")
*** (must support at least Track 1&2, non-encoded, and must be "keyboard emulation", not "HID")
**** (only APG brand USB cash drawers are supported)

If you plan to do credit card authorizations through the computer, then you will also need an internet connection.

Suggested Equipment

Campground Master has been designed for maximum flexibility and supports the most popular equipment interfaces. As long as the device meets the interface requirements above, it will probably work with Campground Master.

If you already have equipment from a previous system then it may work perfectly. But if you're starting fresh, we've listed some recommended items here, with our pricing.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

"Once again, I can't thank you enough for your outstanding support. I know I've said this before, but truly your response time is amazing... You really have a great product. I can't say enough about it!"
- J. Hussey,
Whit's End Campground
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