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What our Customers are Saying

We don't solicit testimonials, but inevitably they do come in. Here are a few comments from our customers.

"We are smack bang in the middle of our busy season at the moment and I just wanted to take the time say thank you for all your support in our transition from books to computer. This season has run very smoothly thanks to CGM even our regular customers are complimenting us on our new system. My staff find CGM easy to use, trouble free and we have managed to adjust the program to be very specific to our business's needs. Our office is no longer congested when its busy as the check-in time has more than halved since we've had CGM. I have really appreciated your quick responses to my 'help' emails and have found the Help guides to be extremely informative too. I can't speak highly enough about Campground Master Program and your backup support - if anyone in Australia needs a reference I'm more than happy to oblige. "

- Tashie, Ningaloo Lighthouse Caravan Park
"We were complete neophytes when we purchased this silly RV park and had no idea how to manage or book reservations, save sticking pins on a calender! Bob did an incredible amount of research ferreting out the myriad of programs out there that would help those of us that have no clue. Your program came out head and shoulders above the rest as far as we were concerned. You continue to support us with updates and information and are always available to help us with any problems we may have.

Being in a very remote location your program has been the only way we had to learn what expectations might be set upon a manager/owner of an RV Park. Your examples for learning different aspects of the program have come in very handy while setting up new sales possibilities in our park. We also found the program very reasonably priced and in line or below other programs out there. It is simple and set up for people like ourselves but also has the ability to grow as your knowledge and expertise advance so that we can take advantage of that as we need it."

- Brenda, Scenic View RV Park
"This is without doubt the single most important piece of software we use – with apologies to Microsoft!! Reservation software in the UK is dominated by a small number of providers who know they're in short supply, who charge over the odds and who offer support in “normal working hours”. What use is that to a campsite?? Campground Master has allowed us to grow as a business and Stan – who is infinitely patient even with complete idiots like us – has taught us a huge amount about taking control of our own software. Yes – you have to put time into setting it up – but my goodness what a tool you end up with! It will link to accounting software and you can run point of sale on it. And what a price! So if you're in the UK and can't believe that something as cheap can be this good - call me and I'll tell you in person and give any help you might need to get started And no – Stan hasn't paid me for this – I genuinely believe this is a fantastic product that will make a real difference to your business! It certainly has to ours."

- Joanne, Queensberry Bay Holiday Park, Scotland
"Our RV park recently purchased Campground Master after extensive research of the applications available to computerize our reservations system. Campground Master was judged to be the best product available at a very competitive price. Although I had no knowledge of reservations software, I found, as promised, that it was easy and intuitive to use and indeed, I did have our park set up in less than a day. What was really even more outstanding than how easy it was to use the product, was the absolutely exceptional client support provided by Campground Master. The Help files were very thorough and easy to understand - a common failing with many applications. When I did need to ask a question to clarify something, my emails were promptly answered and the company could not do enough to assist us, even though we are a very small park (just 55 RV sites and 20 tenting sites). If you want the best reservations application for your campground or RV park, I definitely recommend you purchase Campground Master. It is quite simply, the best there is."

- P. Campbell, Sunset Sands RV Park
"We have been using Campground Master for four years in our tourism business. This marvelous computer program has helped keep us organized and sane during the busy camping season!

The Campground Master is easy to use for staff who don't have a lot of computer skills. I have found that setting up the program specific to our tourism business was fairly simple as well. The help guide in the program answered most of my questions when I was setting the program up for our site. If I ran into difficulties, I find the excellent technical support answers me within a 24 hour period (usually less) and easily guides me through the problem. Similarly, I find the Newsletters which are on the Campground Master are filled with tidbits of information to help make the use of this computer program more efficient.

So your business is growing and changing? For the Campground Master administrator, it is easy to adjust the program to reflect those changes to your business. For example our business went to two separate locations. I was able to adjust the program within less than an hour to reflect those changes. The program is so easy to use that my 80 year old mother who runs our office during the camping season feels like she has become a computer whiz using this data base!"

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- S. Hay, Cattail Cabins & RV Park, Alberta, Canada
"You have made Campground Master the Best Reservation Software on the Market! With the customizations, you have surpassed the competition. Campground Master is the 3rd reservation software we have purchased since we owned our campground.... It will be the last one we'll ever use! Thanks for listening to your customers and for implementing features that allow us to customize your software and make our lives as campground owners a little easier."

- D. Wolfe, Wolfe's Leisure Time Campground
"We highly recommend your software!! We have been with Campground Master now for 3 - 4 years and still to this day have had few to no issues. We enjoy very much using the software and have had THE BEST service from you when an issue has come up (which we admit have been our errors that we have had to get your help on). We just wanted to touch base and let you know. Again, we thank you for such easy to use and very reliable software. It truly is the greatest."

- K. Fackert, Reed's Cabins
"We installed Campground Master 9 months ago, and have been very pleased with it. Very little operator training was required. Most functions are intuitively obvious. Making reservations, check-ins, moving customers from site to site are all very easy. All of our office staff is pleased with its ease of use. On the few occasions that we have required customer support it has been very prompt, and resolved our issue quickly. "

- B. Simms, Oneida Shores County Park
"I just wanted to let you know how much we love using Campground Master! You are terrific and everyone we talk to (other campgrounds) feels the same way. It's really great how Friend Communications endorses you also. "

- Jill, White River RV Park & Campground
"Just a quick note. Campground Master is so straightforward that our managers have required almost no training (and they were not computer folks) and it just runs! Thanks for a great job!"

- J. Lemmons, Technology At Work
"I am a current user of your Campground Master Program and I first want to say I tried many before yours and in my mind your are the only one that knows what campground owners need. We love your program and find it complete with all the frills but still easy to operate. The few times we needed to talk to someone, you returned our call in just minutes! What a great feeling to know help is moments away. Thank you for that and a great program."

- S. Foro, Whispering Pines Campsites & RV Park
"Our campground has been using Campground Master for going on 4 years now. And I would like to say without any flaws. We love it, my 20 employees work the program with little training. ...a very happy Campground Master user"

- C. Keinath, Frankenmuth Jellystone Park Camp-Resort
"I love this program by the way!!! It has been well worth the investment and nice to have a quality product and reliable company AND at an Affordable Price, too!!!"

- L. Koscinski, Riverbend Campground
"This is a great system we love it. You may be interested to know that one Australian firm which we were considering wanted AUD $4000.00 for only a chart... plus $1000.00 annually for support. Your Campground Master is 99% what we wanted."

- J. Bergin, Mountway Holiday Apartments, Australia
"We are a very large campground with 210 sites. We have Unserviced, Water Electricity, Water Electricity 30 amp, and also 50 amp. We have a 2 bedroom cabin and also 7 basic camping cabins. This is the only program that we have found that is even remotely what we were looking for, we have a very delicate way of handling our guests, this program allows us to quickly look after problems, switching sites, adding another site, or what have you.

We used this program at the end of our season last year to see how it would preform while we used it beside our old registration process. It actually shocked us as to how quick and easy it was."

- D. Johnston, Dunromin Campgrounds Graphic Designer.
"Just working in the office today and wanted to thank you for CampGround Master. It has become my best friend. We started our contract new in March 09 and took over from a paper system. You have literally saved us from nervous breakdowns and miserable failure. We have been fully booked and into overflow for the past two weekends and the summer is just getting started. If not for CGM I would be locking the door and not coming back. If you ever have a potential user wondering if it will meet their needs, have them call us. I can't say enough about your features, reports, transactions, documentation and help section and ease of use. Every time we think we are stretching the program to meet our needs, we find another set of features that exceeds our requirements. I am especially sold that you have no ongoing fees after the initial purchase, but your support is solid. I hope you are around for a long time. "

- L. Smith, Cardston Lee Creek Campground
"Thanks for the program that works on old computers. Thank you again. We are just getting started with this. We are using QuickBooks for the books and your program makes QuickBooks look ancient with the speed in which it operates. I wish programmers would tend to go toward the simple like you did with their programs. It's all about fancy stuff and making it easier for the user now. Well, you have made it easier for the user."

- D. Welch, Crystal Creek Campgrounds
"Didn't care for the program when we first put it to use, now we think it's awesome. The more we learn about the software's many uses, the more impressed we are. Would recommend to anyone looking to gain a competitive edge and improve their customer service."

- D. Manaigre, Lilac Resort
"Once again, I can't thank you enough for your outstanding support. I know I've said this before, but truly your response time is amazing. I laughed last night when I read your email.... Here I was on my end calling it a night, and you were still trying to assist me! You are incredible. You really have a great product. It has made my whole operation better. I can't say enough about it!"

- J. Hussey, Whit's End Campground
"Campground Master has been the final touch needed to making our business a fully computerized system. It was obvious from the start that the programmers of Campground Master have done their homework and listened to their customers. It was also very refreshing to actually have someone to speak to when questions arose. I have a lot of software that I work with, and I have never received the amount of common courtesy from any other company, which I received from the Campground Master company. My hat is off to your group. Keep up the GREAT work!"

- G. Wood, Woody's, LLC
"The software has worked very well for us. Especially the easy back-up procedure is very helpful. Our chalets are electronically remote and so we are able to get a weekly backup into my office for accounting purposes. This makes life very simple. Besides the simplicity and feature rich user interface I also like how Cottonwood Software conducts business. Straight forward, non-bureaucratic and questions are answered within hours - how do you do that?"

- R. Rickenbach, Mammoth Mountain Chalets
"I am so excited I just had to email you right away. I got the new map to work: I created a site map of the park using "Paint" from Windows. Since I'm an amateur artist anyway, I found it fun. Anyway, it is a fairly good facsimile of our park and saved it as you said and it worked great. I love being able to print it out at the end of the day to show next day's availability of sites --- we were doing this by hand everyday!! I also love having the capability of clicking on the different types of sites (such as restricted, handicap, etc) and having the program black out everything else. Well, I just had to tell you how great I think this is --- your program has saved us so much work that we used to do by hand, that I can't begin to thank you."

- M. Robichaux, The Caverns RV Resort
"The program is easy to setup and use. Customer service is almost immediate, either by phone or email. Program updates are easy to install and don't effect your data. Networking was simple and quick to setup. As we use the program and wish it had certain features, we notice most of them are in the newest version before we can even ask for them."

- E. Lefavire, Sebasticook Lake Campground
"Things are going great with our database. Thanks for a great product and all the help so far getting us set up."

- M. Tech, Hog Heaven Campground
"You know you are like the coolest person I think I've ever done business with!!! ... Thank you again and it is great using your software!!"

- E. Bliss, Whispering Oaks Campground
"We decided we needed to upgrade our reservation system at our campground and found Campground Master on the web. We tried the demo and found it to have what we thought we would need. We bought the program and Stan was with us every step of the way in setting it up. I got immediate replies to my emailed questions and suggestions on how to make the transition from one system to the other go smoothly. It has been a very enjoyable experience working with him. I was nervous about all the work involved in a new system, but Stan took the work out of it for me! I would recommend that any campground looking for a reservation system try Campground Master. The program is easy to use and the customer service is superior in every way!"

- T. Violette, Katahdin Shadows Campground

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