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(From Newsletter #47, Feb 4, 2019)

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Q: In previous versions we were able to scroll the Rack view or On Site, etc. without logging in to the system.  This was handy for night staff, for instance, to quickly see who should be in the park without requiring a login.  Is there any way to get that back?


A: This was a security enhancement added in v9.2, requested by some users.  (Previously it was assumed to be in a "Guest" level if nobody was logged in, which did allow some functionality.)  Since this change has been an issue for some users, version 10.0 added a new access level setting "(logged out)", so you can allow access to the tabs (or in fact any function in the Access Levels settings) with nobody logged in.


To change the Tab views to allow movement (but not much else) without logging in:


1. Go to Maintenance / Advanced Customizations / Tab Views.


2. Select the tab view of interest and click "Edit tab view".


3. Change the Access required to view to "(logged out)".


4. Click Save.  


Repeat for each tab view needed, and then Close when finished.


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