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(From Newsletter #47, Feb 4, 2019)

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Q: Sometimes when in the middle of a transaction, I need to do something like a Void or fix a transaction detail but it's says I need a higher access level.  In order to do it, I have to get all the way back to the main screen so the manager can log in, then find what I was working on to continue.  Is there a way to have the manager log in without getting all the way out?


A: A new feature was added in version 10.0 for this.  It's only available on certain dialogs, but should cover any case where it's needed, like Reservation Transactions, Enter Payment, POS Sales Entry, etc.  


To use it, right-click in the caption bar of the dialog (e.g. where the little camper icon is next to the dialog title like "Reservation Transactions"), and select "Temporary Operator Override".  That will allow someone to log in for this function only -- after leaving this dialog, it will revert to the previous operator automatically.


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