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There are several data fields associated with retrieving and processing online reservations.  These are all disabled by default to minimize database size for those not requiring this function, but they must be enabled before the online reservations processing can be used.  See Maintenance / Data Field Definitions to enable data fields as detailed below:



For any online reservation processing:


The Reservations data field "Resv_Online_Request_ID" must be enabled for any online processing (except Exporting to a web vacancy grid).  This is used to store a unique identifier for each online request, so duplicate requests can be ignored.


The Reservations data field "Resv_Online_Request_Raw_Text" can be enabled if you want the raw text of the online request (e.g. the actual E-mail data) to be saved with the reservation for future reference.  It's not needed by the program at all, but might be useful if there's any question about what was actually in the request.  You can view the request text through Reservation Details.   Warning -- this will use a lot of space in the database, so if you expect to receive hundreds of online requests per year then this might not be worth the memory used.  Instead, you could keep copies of the temporary download files before deleting them (but this requires manually copying the files in Windows).



Site Data fields


The Site data fields used depend on which type of online processing is needed.  See the section "Online Setup - Site Data Fields" for details.



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