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If you're not able to use the Hercules 2-way online integration, there are a few ways you can still interface with your own web site or another 3rd-party system that sends E-mail reservation data to you.


The specifics of the setup depend on which types of online requests you want to handle -- retrieving and parsing formatted E-mail requests, uploading vacancy grid pages to your own web site, or integration with an online reservation service.


Once you've decided which parts of the online reservation support you need to use, there are 4 or 5 major steps that need to be performed for setup:


Data Fields -- Enable the appropriate data fields needed for online request processing.


Connections & Options -- Set up the connection parameters required for each type of processing used.


Site Fields -- Fill in the specifics of how each site will be used and identified for online requests.


Parsing Sets -- Define the parsing rules for extracting data from the requests.


iCal Profiles -- If you're importing or exporting iCal files, define the details through these.


Each of these is covered in detail in the following sections.  See the "Setting Up" checklists for each type of online reservation handling for a quick guide to what's needed.




Further Topics:


Data Fields Used


Setting Up for Export to Web Vacancy Grids


Setting Up for E-mail Requests


Connections & Options:

 Online Connections - General

 Online Connections - Export to Web

 Online Connections - E-mail Requests

 Online Connections - iCal


Online Setup - Site Data Fields


Online Setup - Parsing Sets


Completed Web form example with parsing rules


iCal files --

 Attaching iCal files to E-mail Confirmations

 Setting Up for Export to iCal Files

 Exporting to iCal Files

 Setting Up for Import from iCal Files

 Importing iCal Files

 Setup iCal Profiles

 Edit iCal Profile


Retrieving Online Reservations




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