Dropbox / OneDrive / Google drive Warning!

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(From Newsletter #47, Feb 4, 2019)

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We've encountered several instances of customers opening the Campground Master database directly from a cloud drive like DropBox, Google drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.  It sounds like a convenient way to be able to access it from other locations, but this is a big mistake!  For the same reasons that the database can't simply be shared across the network, this is guaranteed to cause data loss and/or corruption of the database!  Changes made by one person will be overwritten by another person accessing the same file -- possibly losing days worth of information, with no possible way to retrieve it.  There is no way to merge the changes when the database is shared in this way.  


Just don't do it!  


The only officially supported location for your database is in "Public Documents".  If you're not sure whether you're currently using the database in the correct location, go to File / Open previous database.  The first entry should start with:

 1 - C:\Users\Public\Documents\Campground Master\.

(Don't click on it, just verify that it shows the correct location.)  


If it does not show that, please contact support and we can walk you through verifying the location and moving it if necessary.


If you want to keep a backup on a cloud drive, use the "Secondary backup path" option mentioned in this article.


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