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(From Newsletter #47, Feb 4, 2019)

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A new "Secondary auto-backup path" setting has been added in version 10.0, which allows you to have Campground Master automatically make a backup each day to someplace other than the main database location.  This can be used to have backups automatically go to a cloud drive, external drive, or a networked computer, for instance.  Previously this required programming an Event Action (through Advanced Customizations), but now it's as simple as entering the folder location.


To use this, go to Maintenance / Program Options, and click on the "Database" tab.  Enter the full path desired in Secondary auto-backup path (or use the Browse button). Do not enter a filename -- it will use the same auto-backup filename scheme, which includes the database name and date.  These backups will be made at the same time as the normal auto-backups, which is generally when the program is started or the first change is made each day.


Note that it does not auto-delete older backups from this secondary location like it does the main auto-backup location.  The user must manage clean-up themselves if needed.  Also note that this setting is computer-specific (you can set it on one or multiple workstations, e.g. to back up to even more locations, but you must set it up again if you change computers).


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