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The Find Receipt function is opened through Transactions / Find Receipt on the main menu.  It can also be opened by pressing the Ctrl-L key.


This function is used to locate a previous receipt.  This is especially helpful for returns, but it can also be used for other purposes.  For instance, by entering an item description and perhaps a date range, you can get a list of all receipt line-items with that description.  For P.O.S. inventory items, it can also look up receipt by inventory item code or description.


If you only want to search for transactions done through the P.O.S. sales entry dialog (assuming you have the P.O.S. option), then check the "POS Only" box.


There are three ways you can look for receipts -- by date, by receipt #, or by text.  (A date search can be combined with a receipt # or text search).  The text search will look for the specified text in the transaction "Item Description", or if it's a P.O.S. Inventory sale then it will also search for a matching inventory item code or item description.  


After checking the appropriate options and entering text to search for, press Enter or click Search.  All receipt line-items matching the criteria will be shown (thus a single receipt may be represented by many lines in the results).


If you want to view a particular receipt in its entirety, double-click on the line (or select it and press the View button).  The P.O.S. dialog will open with all of the transactions in that receipt.  From there, you can return items or print another copy of the receipt.


When you're done viewing and/or changing that receipt, the Find Receipt window will still be open in case you need to look at others.


When you're finished with finding receipts, click Cancel.


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