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Note:  Many common questions related to Reports have been answered in our newsletters -- be sure to check the Newsletter Category Index (click this link) to see if your question is answered there.



Specialized reports are found under Reports on the main menu.  There are various statistical reports that are based on reservations, providing useful statistics to aid in managing and marketing your campground.  In addition, there are Meter Reading reports for each type of meter (some or all may be disabled if not supported by your sites), Mailing labels, Envelopes, and Batch Receipt printing.  To generate each report, start by clicking the appropriate menu item.


Transaction reports, such as reporting of receipts, charges, taxes, deposits, income, and so on, are accessed through the Transactions tab view.  Therefore these are covered in the Dynamic Interactive Report Screens chapter instead of here.  The Reports menu does have a "Transaction Reports" selection for convenience, however it's simply takes you to the Transactions tab view and opens the Summary Options, where the Quick-Reports are -- the same as if you clicked the Summary Options button on the Transactions tab view.



Common Reports quick-reference


Here is a list of some of the most commonly requested reports, and how to get them.  Once you're familiar with these, many similar reports should be easy to figure out.  For each report, be sure to select the appropriate date range needed in the From/To fields (or click "Today", etc).





"Z-out" (daily receipts) -- Reports / Transaction Reports, click the "Receipts by Payment Method" Quick-reports button.


Daily sales -- Reports / Transaction Reports, click the "Receipts by Category" Quick-reports button.


Monthly sales -- Reports / Transaction Reports, click the "Receipts by Category" Quick-reports button. Then click "Summary Options", change the Summarize period to Monthly.  Click OK.


Daily payment details -- Go to theTransactions tab view, put in Detail mode (Detail Options button, "Reset the view to details / all transactions"), then select "All Receipts" in the drop-down list next to the "Today" button so it only shows receipts.


Sales Tax reporting -- In most cases the Receipts by Category report should be used (see Monthly Sales above), assuming cash accounting, and assuming transactions are entered and categorized appropriately for your tax reporting requirements.  See the section "Recommended Transactions and Reporting" in the Working with Transactions chapter, and see "Taxes Setup" in the Maintenance Functions chapter for setup and reporting procedures.


Income by Site -- Start with "Receipts by Payment Method" (Receipts by Category will NOT work).  Then click on the Summary Options button, and change the "Group total for each" to Site.  Change the Summarize period to Monthly if you like.  Click OK.  Note: If you enter advanced Deposits, they will be shown on the date the deposit was entered.  If you want the report to reflect the actual date of the stay rather than when the money was received, click on "More Filters" and check the box to "Use reservation date instead of transaction date".  This will report all revenue as of the First Night of each reservation.


Who owes money - Use the Payments Due tab, with "Show all with balances" checked.  Alternately, use the On Site tab, with the "Balance" field selected under Options.


Deposits made for this year or next year -- Use the Arrivals tab view with the appropriate date range.  Click on the Options button to select the "Deposits" column to show deposits made.


Inventory Cost of Goods Sold -- This requires the P.O.S. option and also requires entering inventory purchases and other adjustments through the program.  Access this through P.O.S. / Inventory Reporting.


Inventory on hand (as of a date) -- This requires the P.O.S. option (and of course accurate "on hand quantity" entry and/or adjustments).  Access this through P.O.S. / Inventory Reporting.





Who is arriving today -- Use the Arrivals tab view.


Who is in the park -- Use the On Site tab view.


Total # of people in the park -- Use the On Site tab view.  Click the Options button to select the # Adults, # Children, etc as needed.  Each column will show the total.


Canceled reservations -- Use the Non-Reserved tab view, with "*Any* cancelled" selected in the drop-down list at the top.  Check Options to select whether it's showing by the date canceled or the arrival date of the canceled reservation.


Printing part of the Rack (e.g. for night staff) -- On the Rack view, check the box "Show Range" and enter an appropriate date range so it only shows those dates.


Reservations made today -- Reservations / Reservations by Date made.


All reservations for a given time period -- There are several options for this, depending on what you need to see for each reservation.  Most likely the On Site tab will have what you need (select the date range, and select the fields needed under Options).  Other report options include Reservations / Find Reservation (filter by date range only, don't filter by name, etc), Reports / Reservation Receipts, and Reports / Reservation E-mail List.





How many sites are occupied each day (past or future) -- Use the Occupancy report, with "Show as percentages" unchecked (and optionally "Show total possible sites" unchecked).


How many sites are open each day -- Use the Availability report, with "Show as percentages" unchecked.


How many people are arriving each day -- Use the Arrival Statistics report, with "Show as percentages" unchecked (and optionally "Show total possible sites" unchecked).


How many reservations made each day --   Use the Date-Made Statistics report, with "Show as percentages" unchecked.







Report Dialog Controls


Occupancy Report


Availability Report


Arrival Statistics Report


Departure Statistics Report


How-heard Report


Unfulfilled Reservations


Date-Made Statistics


Meter Readings


Meter History


Mailing Labels and Envelopes


Customer/Reservation E-mail list (and Batch E-mailing)


Reservation Receipts (Batch)


Reservation Filtering Dialog



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