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There are several different rate types, and it's important that you select the appropriate type for each rate.  This determines how the rate will be used.  While these types cannot be changed, you can have as many different rates of each type as you like. Note that the Rate Type for each rate can be changed later, so you can move them to a different category easily.


Rental Rate -- This is for your basic site rates for daily, weekly, and so on for each Site Type you've defined.  Of course if you have sites set up for things like craft halls, bicycles, etc., then those rental rates would also go here.  You will likely define separate rental rates for each discount (none, Good Sam, FMCA, etc.), and you can also define the dates that each rate applies to.  If you have different rate possibilities for one site type, for instance 30A and 50A service, you can either define these as two separate rental rates or define one base rate with a 50A add-on.  The choice may depend on how many different rates you will have (to keep the lists short), or how you want it to appear on the receipts (as one rate charge or as two charges; one for base and one for the add-on).


Add-On -- This is for any extra charges on top of base rental rates, such as for 50A electric, phone, extra people or vehicles, and so on. However if your rate structure is very simple, you may elect to put the add-ons in the Rental Rate section so that they are all listed together, or perhaps just set up separate rental rates for with and without the add-on.


Day Fee -- This was originally for Day Pass reservations, but is now largely obsolete since Day Passes are handled as Rental Rates.  This type can be used for other manually-added rates if you like.  Examples might be golf course fees and tours.  Note that rates of this type will NOT be included in auto-rates, so this type should not be used for Day Pass reservations if you want the charges for day passes to be added automatically.


Electric Meter, Gas Meter and Water Meter -- These are special rate types for meter readings.  They are special types because when they are used, a dialog will open up to enter the new reading -- the site information is updated automatically and it will put the meter readings in the transaction descriptions.  When defining the transactions for these types, a suggested Description for the charge is something like "Metered kwh:",  so it comes out on the receipt like "Metered kwh: (1000-800)".  Note that these rate types will always appear in the list when setting up rates, but they will not appear when selecting rates for transactions unless you have sites set up with the appropriate meter type(s) enabled.


Credit -- You can use this rate type for any standard credits that you apply, such as coupons, rain-out credits, etc.  You don't need to use this for discounts like Good Sam, since you can define rental rates with the discounts included.  You probably also won't use this for refunds, since those can be handled by selecting the appropriate rental rate and applying it as a negative charge.


Merchandise -- This rate type can be used for any non-rental merchandise, such as propane, RV supplies, gift shop items, and so forth.


Miscellaneous -- This is for "anything else" for which you want to memorize transactions.  Typical uses would be for standard deposit transactions, cancellation fees, membership cards, tour packages, etc.



Keep in mind that the Rental Rate and Add-On types will be the default rates shown when selecting rates for a transaction, so any rates defined as Rental Rates and Add-Ons will be the quickest to select (any others will require two extra clicks to select the appropriate type from the list).  Also, the Merchandise rate type will be automatically shown when selecting rates for an Unbound transaction or Customer transaction.



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