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When you select New, Insert, or Edit from Rates Setup, the Edit Rate Definition dialog will appear.  This is where you define all of the details of the rate.


Make sure that the desired Rate Type is selected (this can be changed any time), and enter a Rate Code and Description.  The Description is shown in the rate selection list, so you should make it simple but also descriptive enough for easy recognition.  If this rate is for a discount, for instance, you should indicate that in the description so the correct rate is chosen.


There is also a Rate Code field that's usually disabled by default. This can be used to select rates quickly with the keyboard if you have simple codes for common rates, but has no use in most situations.


The Notes field is just for your own notes, perhaps an explanation of why a rate is set up the way it is.  The Notes are never seen by the customer or by an operator selecting a rate.  The notes can be any length.




See the following sections for additional details of setting up Rates definitions.


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Rate Setup Examples


Be sure to go through the Rate Setup Examples for help with basic rates setup.  We don't recommend attempting to set up your rates without working through some of the examples first!


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